There was one singer back in the day that I crushed on hard.  I was lucky enough to meet him three times too!  Remember the group Sugar Ray?  You can mostly hear Sugar Ray on 100.7’s Replay Weekends Saturday 6-8am that I host.  Although, they kick off their South American tour this October.

I think before I got married I had a bit of an obsession with Mark.   I’m happily married, but who doesn’t have a crush on a famous person?  I have my fair share of pictures and autographs of Mark when he visited B94 years and years ago.  Great memories.  Summer Stretch concerts.  Performances in our CBS studios. I followed his career a bit after Sugar Ray took a hiatus.  I watched him co host EXTRA on TV and then saw him a bit as the host of “Don’t Forget The Lyrics.”  But, my love for him kind of dwindled.  I’ve moved on to Adam Levine of Maroon 5 now.  🙂

Mark who was People magazine’s sexiest rocker of 1998 is now married.  After 18 years on and and off with the same woman and 2 twin babies later, he did it!  Finally, he married his long time love Carin Kingsland yesterday after being engaged since 2009.  They have 2 year old twins.  The boy is named Lydon and the girl is named Hartley.  Read it all here.

If Sugar Ray make their way to Pittsburgh I should go.  I will then tell him I met him 3 times…and the second to last time I met him I made a huge impression on him.  How could he not remember?
When I went backstage to meet him and get his autograph at one of his shows at the I.C. Light Amphitheater (remember that venue?) he looked up at me and said “well, how are you tonight?”   A big chance to talk to him.  Tell him how I like him & love his music and I’m one of his biggest fans..yada yada yada, blah, blah, blah…. Here is what I said:  “I’m parched tonight.”  Parched?  Really?  Who says that?  It was SO hot that night and I was SO thirsty and the FIRST thing that came out of my mouth was pure ridiculousness.  My friends will never let me live that night down.

If I ever meet Adam Levine I guarantee I will say some corny stuff too.  I have a way with words I tell you.


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