How is it that Shelley Duffy has NO stink bugs at her house in Mt. Lebanon, but Bubba in South Fayette and me in Belle Vernon are POLLUTED.  Bubba stopped counting in the 40’s and I stopped in the 30’s of how many we killed at our homes yesterday.  That was inside.  We won’t even tell you how many we think were outside stuck on our homes.

I flush mine.  What do you do?  They say never to use a vacuum cleaner and NEVER squeeze them.  I actually had THREE in a kleenex yesterday and obviously one was squished too tightly and it was the FIRST time I smelled one.  It took 3 hand washes to get the smell off my hands.

Here are stink bug remedies for you that us and our sister station Y108 posted for you.  Take a look at the story right here.

Bubba developed the most cheesiest stink bug song too.  Listen to it here.

You can dance to that song all day now as you flush and kill your stink bugs.

I feel like I’m being invaded with stink bugs.  I’m not alone.  They run this town.  Period.


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