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E-List: Grab a guys’ attention during football

Let’s face it ladies when it comes to game time YOU are the last thing on a guy’s mind, but it doesn’t mean you can’t share some of their attention.

Here are the best ways to grab their attention while the game is on:

7. Rock a team shirt or jersey…you can’t tell me they won’t notice that team name stamped right across your chest.

6. Learn the lingo! You’ll intercept his thoughts right away once you get it down. HUT HUT HIKE!

5. If you happen to be at a bar watching the game, remember: there is ALWAYS halftime. Depending on which bar you’re at YOU could always be part of the halftime show. That bar is calling your name! Get in the game and get up there!

4. A friendly beer reminder…whisper in his ear what might be in store for the after show.

3. This is up to you…just throwing it out there but a commercial break strip tease could be an option. AKA: Get naked.

2. During halftime, you have roughly fourteen minutes for this one so use your own imagination…

1. Never forget, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. NOW is the time to show off your womanly cooking skills.



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