Seriously You HAVE To Do What I’m Doing

Well, not everything I’m doing but you really should give Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal a call.  You may’ve heard me talking on the air about getting the hair on my legs removed…In fact, my co-worker Scott Alexander can’t wait until it’s all gone so he doesn’t have to picture my hairy legs.  And the woman who does my occasionally indulgent pedicures is also happy that she won’t have to deal with my stubble!  I know…Nice image, huh?

But really…I LOVE my job and yes, I get to do some pretty cool stuff.  Being able to do this and tell everyone about it could be one of the coolest.  I had my first treatment a couple of months ago.  You have to wait an average of eight weeks in between treatments.  I was shocked to see that I was already noticing a difference!! And my second treatment was today.  The appointment lasted maybe a half hour (you can do this on your lunch break people!) and I was out of there and off to run a million errands.

The staff is wonderful. I love to talk (shocker) and they’re so friendly and fun!  I go to the Robinson office (they also have one in Wexford) after work because it’s closest to me.  I was in, I was out.  And pretty soon, I won’t have to shave my legs at all.  Already, I’m down to every other day, even every two days without shaving.  It’s funny… I’ll reach for the razor in the shower and I feel my legs and realize, I don’t have to shave!! Do you know how much time I save not having to put on shaving cream (or when I’m lazy, soap!) and shaving, making sure I don’t miss a spot?  This is AWESOME!! Looking forward to my next appointment December 13th!

And here’s the cool part.  Ideal Image makes it so EVERYONE can get it done.  Right now, you could save up to 70 percent off laser hair removal! And they have their own financing!  So no excuses! Call them at 1-800-BE-IDEAL.  Trina is at the Robinson office.  She’s so funny..Ask her about her post-it notes!  Anyway, this is SO worth the investment.  Trust me.  Love the results.  Love Ideal Image.  And I LOVE being hair free!  I know, that sounds funny but it’s true.  I KNOW you’ll love it too…


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