Elista, Friend Zone, Boys

No matter what you do guys you go to face the fact that sometimes you are just going to be in the friend zone.

Here are some warning signs:

If she never responds to you asking to hanging out… you’re in the friend zone.

If she asks you to be her shopping buddy for the day…you’re in the friend zone.

If she tries to hook you up with her friends…you’re in the friend zone ( but you could get in with her friends:)

If she asks you to house sit while she goes off for a weekend get away with another guy…you’re in the friends zone.

Take these tips from ASK MEN
that includes breaking the touch barrier ( we know you want to) on how else to avoid the friend zone!

Then again you could always pull something out of Hitch and make them see you in a different light AKA: be your stupid self.

Checking out a silly movie and seeing how a guy reacts is typically a dead giveaway for me on whether or not they’ll be in the friends zone. If they cannot laugh at funny people they probably are not that funny, and that is not going to fly!

Good luck this weekend friends! Go get em’! 😉


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