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TRUE LIFE: I Drink Too Much & It’s NOT What You Think…

I have a solid 5 cups sitting at my desk, three of which I bring into studio and that’s where it get’s serious. I drank seven cups of tea last night, four bottles of water ( that I refill…Gotta save the environment!), three cups of coffee in the morning, and we won’t count what I drank after work ( let’s just say it was Pumking flavored). It’s a miracle my bladder hasn’t exploded during the E-List in the seven o’clock hour (where I talk in between all of the songs).

Is this something I should be worried about? We’ve heard the whole eight cups a day myth.

So far today I have had three bottles of water, two cups of tea, and a Fruitista Freeze… the day is young and I am out of creamer right now or else I would have had coffee. Talk about a liquid diet.

How much do you drink a day? ( COUNT EVERYTHING)


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