Bubba Show Exclusive: 100.7 Star Listener Talks About Foxcatcher Stars In HER House!

One of our Bubba show listeners, Neil, called us to tell us he knows where Channing Tatum is hanging out.  At his co-worker/friend’s house in Ligonier!

Seems his friend Chris lives two doors down from the house where the actors were filming “Foxcatcher” and she said, “It was so cold they needed a place for actors to get out of the cold weather” so she was asked if they could use her house as a “warm house” .  Of course she said yes and as soon as she found out she  “went into major clean mode!”

Chris says Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller and Mark Ruffalo used her bathroom “many times” and Tatum sat on her couch and now, “no one is ever allowed to sit on it again!”

Hear the whole scoop here!

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