The Voice on NBC and Bubba Show fell in love with Tony Lucca last season.

He stopped in to randomly hang out with us and talk and even played an EXCLUSIVE song that he said could be sent out to Christina Aguilera.

Look at all of our Bubba Show interviews here from Tony.  Tony told us about the alleged issues he had with Christina.  He said the show turned a corner when Justin Timberlake took to twitter and showed his support for him.  Christina Aguilera seemed to give Tony a really hard time on The Voice calling him “one dimensional” among other things.  Tony and Christina were on the Mickey Mouse Club together.

Here is the specific interview where Bubba asked him to make SURE he gave Adam Levine a hug from me! Listen here.

He played a sold out show at Club Cafe last night.

Here is the EXCLUSIVE song Tony sang for Bubba Show.  Listen closely to the lyrics.  What do you think?  Is it about her.

Some of the lyrics go like this and the title is ” Don’t Know What I’ve Ever Done To You.”

-You don’t know me from Adam

-What Goes Around Comes Around

-You never thought our crooked paths would cross again

-Did someone spill your secret




Tony was super awesome and so professional.  He was great on the air today with us!




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