Meeting P!NK Was Awesome..You Can Meet Her Too

Years ago when P!NK opened up for Justin Timberlake in Pittsburgh I had the opportunity to meet her before the show.  While I was super excited to meet Justin Timberlake that night (because I adore him) I came away that night enjoying my time with P!NK much more.

I have always liked P!NK.  Over the years sometimes my love of artists and their music wavers, but never with her.  Always been a fan.

I was nervous outside of her dressing room as I stood there with my girlfriend Tiffany.  You just never know how an artist will act with you.  I knew that Justin’s meet and greet was going to be with big groups of winners and less intimate, but P!NK’s was just me and her and my friend!

I wasn’t disappointed.  She took about 20 minutes with us.  That is a LONG time when it comes to singers before shows.  She came out of her dressing room in sweats and said “Excuse me guys..real quick..I’m running a bit late..give me 2 minutes to throw something on so I can stand outside my dressing room and hang out.”  She went back in and returned with this skeleton/skull and bones dress on.

pink and me1 Meeting P!NK Was Awesome..You Can Meet Her Too

She talked all about what me and my girlfriend did for our jobs.  Asked us what songs we wanted to hear from her.  She told us inside scoop on what she was going to be doing that night for her performance.  She told me “I’m going to be trying some new acrobatic moves for the first time in Pittsburgh. I hope I don’t fall.”  Now, you see P!NK and those acrobatic moves are pretty much some of her signature moves in shows and videos.

She took one on one time with my friend Tiffany.  She asked her ALL about her daughter being a fan and said to her “If you don’t mind I’d like to sign an autograph for you first, but why don’t I do one special for just your daughter.”  She said “I love hearing Moms tell me that their kids enjoy me and my music too.” Pretty sweet.  That night P!NK said to us…”One day maybe I’ll have kids of my own and even a daughter.”  Now, look at that.  That surely came true didn’t it?

As we made other small talk and laughed a bit about how some of the men passing by backstage were looking at her skeleton dress I realized how down to earth and “real” she really was.  She is who she is.  Nothing fake about her.

So, why not take the opportunity to meet her in person yourself!  We are giving you chances all week from 7am-7pm to qualify to meet her and then Monday morning December 3rd at 8am we will start calling names.  If it is your name call us back within two minutes and you win the trip to Orlando to see her and hang out!  Look at the information on how to win here.

P!NK has a great website too.  Check it out here!

Her new song TRY is one of my favorites on the radio right now.  Lyrically it is beautiful and the video and her AMA performance of the song was and is amazing in my opinion.   Look at the video here.

P!NK even tweeted that she had her Momma’s support on the video with its meaning, control and strength she uses physically and emotionally in it.

Good luck this week trying to win that chance to fly to Orlando for FREE and see her show and meet her!
I can truly say with my history of meeting her YOU will NOT be disappointed. In 16 years in broadcasting she was by far in my top 3 favorite famous artists to meet.

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