Ok….so I get this photo texted to me on Saturday night.

It came from Shelley’s friend….BUT…it was from Shelley’s cell phone.

In the text it says that Shelley is drunk (safely at a house party without anyone driving anywhere FYI).

Funny to see Shelley cutting loose and having a blast.

More power to her.

BUT….on Sunday I get a text from Shelley saying that she could not believe that her friend sent me this pics from her phone (clue #1).

Shelley then proceeds to tell me that she wasn’t even drunk and it was HER FRIEND who was actually drunk.

Hmmmmm….I have this question….if Shelley was NOT drunk as she claims….(which I think is awesome that she is having fun) how did she have zero idea that this picture was taken OR that they were sent to me!

You judge for yourself.

Do you think Shelley is drunk in this photo?



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