Gearing up for the holidays, A Rocket to the Moon had a hard time selecting just one favorite holiday song. In fact, they told CBS Local they tried covering a Christmas tune just last year. While frontman Nick Santino had trouble remembering which one, guitarist Justin Richards helped him out.

“What was the one that we did last year?” Nick asked.

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” Justin said before explaining how they wanted to cut it since they saw Chris Martin perform it on a late night show.

“We started working on a cool little rendition of that song and we never ended up cutting it,” Nick confessed before the band added a few more holiday albums to the list. “I just love Christmas music, just any holiday song.”

One of Justin’s favorite albums might surprise his fans.

“The Rascal Flatts’ Christmas album is really good.”

Nick had one boy band in mind though.

“New Kids On the Block’s Christmas album. That one seriously brings me back because that one we used to listen to back in the day,” he explained. “My sister’s a couple years older than me so she was the New Kid’s girl when we were growing up. Listening to that while we’re decorating the tree. Yes! Love New Kids On the Block!”

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local


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