Merry Christmas here’s a…

Christmas was awesome this year. It was so fun being with my family and friends despite being a little under the weather. Right before I left to see my fam, my roommates and I decided to exchange gifts. They know I’m weird but things got real weird and awesome. They got me a giant wine glass that holds an ENTIRE bottle (do they think I am an alcoholic?), and an OFFICIAL pierogie pillow! ( Just slightly obsessed.) Both super cool, but a little weird. I loved them.

When I got home it got “weirder”. One of my best friends gave me red chili pepper lights, and a Lady Gaga tattoo. My parents gave me a blender, my Godparents gave me a pesto bowl, and not to mention a tool bag my Uncle got me, but yeah that happened. I LOVED THEM ALL, but not your typical gifts. Did you get any weird or embarrassing gifts?

What was the weirdest or most embarrassing gift you got this year?


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