Instead of making and then breaking your own New Year’s resolution, why not have your friends decide one for you? At least that’s what The Wanted did. Find out their resolutions in their first #WantedWednesday of 2013.

“Mine for Siv’s is [for him] to keep his hair prim and proper, in true boy band style, no grays. Just for men,” Max said.

It turns out Siva has been turning gray lately.

“It’s the stress from working in this band, that’s what it is,” Siva confessed.

“It’s in his DNA, that’s why he’s getting grays,” Jay said.

So what’s Siva’s resolution?

“My New Year’s resolution for Tom is to stop smoking. [I’m] caring for his health.”

While they were on health, Tom reciprocated for Jay.

“My resolution for Jay would be definitely less drinking time and more activity like gym work or running. Make sure to eat your vegetables!”

Jay admitted it’s something he really should do in 2013.

“I’m not very defined at the minute, I’m a bit pudgy,” he said.

It turns out Nate has an issue with being late.

“Nathan, your resolution should be to set an alarm and pay any attention whatsoever, even just to acknowledge it went off and when you get in the car and say, ‘Sorry I was 30 minutes late, I ignored my alarm,'” Jay remarked. “That would be an improvement than [saying], ‘Sorry I was late, no one rang me.’ We do you love you though. Especially me because you’re a good boy. Together forever!”

For all the resolutions made, it seems Max has it the easiest.

“Max’s resolution would be, go and watch City [football] a bit more because I know he enjoys it. Have fun,” Nate said. Discussing his favorite pastime of watching British football, Max should have no trouble.

“Cheers mate, I’ll stick to that one!” Max said.

“Tweet us yours and then Tweet us when you fail because we will,” Jay said.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local


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