Bubba Show: Bubba’s On The Cabbage Soup Diet

First and most importantly, I’m not a doctor so don’t try this or any other diet without consulting your doctor first.

OK, so the holiday’s got the best of me.  A group of us got together and decided to do something dramatic.

My sister-in-law told me her doctor suggested the Cabbage Soup diet!

It is extreme, but it supposedly resets your bodies fat burning potential and also gets out all of the toxins that muck up the system.

I also figured it was time to head out to see Dan Vitchoff at PA hypnosis to help too.

So a bunch of us at my restaurant are doing this, so I figured … I will share my experience with it.

The first day was TOUGH! Just fruit!  I ate an entire cantaloupe.  Actually made me a little sick to my stomach.  I tried to stick with Melon’s and Loupes, but had to have an apple and some black berries and some blueberries.  I made it.

Day two was MUCH better.  All veggies!  I had some kimchee, carrots and a big Thanks to Dr Robert Rosswog my dentist who fixed my broken teeth, numbed me up and because of that I was not thinking about eating, nor could eat.  I think that helped a ton.

The one thing I find interesting is NOT that I find myself hungry, is that I had ZERO idea that I had so many cravings.

I am really ready for today which is Veggies and Fruit. This day should be easy……going into day three…..I am already down 7 pounds. WOW!


OK…so fruits and veggies day was not so bad…BUT….I had a couple things that I could not come up with an answer for?

Could I eat hummus??  Could I eat Guacamole??

I didn’t find out….so I ate them!!!

I think I am down 8 pounds as of this morning.

Today is Bananas and Skim Milk day….it is almost 9am and I have already eaten 3 bananas.  I think this is going to be the hardest day of the week.

Tomorrow I get beef and tomatoes…..

Oh yeah, last night I went to they gym and worked out.  It felt AMAZING!!

Again – I can’t stress this enough – I’m not a doctor so don’t try this or any other diet without consulting your doctor first.

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