Ed Sheeran was visiting Mix 96.5/Houston when they premiered his new single “Lego House.”

“I think this is the first time I’m gonna hear it on radio in America!” Ed said.

The single features Ed’s familiar vocals and guitar parts akin to his GRAMMY nominated track “The A Team.” The slow paced track does switch gears slightly though and features Ed’s rapid fire raps.

“[It’s about] my ex. My ex-girlfriend,” he said. “I think the song has connected with a few people around the world so far.”

While Sheeran has connected with many music fans recently, he found himself at the top of a not-so-flattering list at the end of 2012: GQ‘s Worst-Dressed Man. But, Sheeran didn’t take it personally.

“I wasn’t offended by the worst dressed man of the year until I saw the list. I came Number 1 which is fair enough, I wear hoodies and jeans,” he reflected. “Number Two was a politician and Number Three was a cross-dressing cage fighter. So I’m not in a good place right now, ya know?”

Don’t expect a wardrobe change from Ed anytime soon, though.

“You wear clothes to pick up girls and you can spend more time to pick up hot girls or you can learn to play the guitar and wear hoodies.”

Learning to play guitar and waring hoodies has done Ed well as he just received his first GRAMMY nomination for Song of the Year with his hit “The A Team.” Shortly after the biggest night in music, he’ll hit the road with Taylor Swift and work on his next album.

“I’m gonna keep writing. Thankfully this album is kind of continually being successful so I don’t have pressure [to set a release date] yet,” he said.

-Blake Hayes, MIX 96.5/Houston


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