An unlikely collaboration, recently reunited Fall Out Boy explained how they came to join forces with 2 Chainz.

“We’re on the same label, we’re fans, and we went out to dinner, hung out, played him some music,” Pete Wentz told B96/Chicago. “[We] came up with this idea for doing the video. Hopefully we’ll do more stuff in the future. He’s awesome. He slayed the video.”

Their new song “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)” showcases Patrick Stump’s familiar vocals while the video tells a dark tale. 2 Chainz is shown lighting a bonfire in the middle of the woods as two girls throw the band’s equipment and old albums into the flames. Once everything goes up in flames 2 Chainz heads to the van where the guys are tied up and lights a match, hinting that they’re up next. But does he do it? You just have to watch to see.

The band realize they’ve been away for a while but couldn’t be happier to be back.

“For me it’s awesome. It’s an interesting situation,” Pete said. “We’ve been rehearsing and having to do it in secret. It’s been a lot of fun it’s been a lot to keep in and not tell people.”

Patrick further explained why the group waited so long to announce new music was on the way.

“We didn’t really want to break the hiatus until we knew we were happy with everything. If we weren’t happy with it we weren’t going to come back,” he explained. “That was a hard thing to explain to people. I’m so happy to have it out there now.”

Fall Out Boy’s fifth studio album Save Rock And Roll will be released on May 7, the 10th anniversary of their first full length studio album Take This To Your Grave.

-Annie Reuter,


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