HI! I’m a local Author! I live in Renfrew with my high school sweetheart and husband of almost 12 years. I would love to be featured in your FebYOUary promotion to help get my book mentioned in the great city of Pittsburgh and to grow a fan base.

February has always been good to me! 17 years ago my husband and I started dating when I was only 16, my miracle baby was born five years ago and my first book was published a year ago, now you have the opportunity to add to my good luck in February!

I was born and raised in Butler County and have grown up listening to popular music. I listen to Star 100.7 because I loved and miss B94! I remember when Bubba was an intern!

I love Pink. I also love that you aren’t afraid to play new music, my favorite song right now is Too Close by Alex Clare, Star 100.7 is the first station in Pittsburgh that played it!

Please feature me and help a new author out. I am also having a contest on my Facebook page for a chance to win an autographed copy of my book!

Want to be a featured listener in FebYOUary on StarPittsburgh.com? Click here to send us you photo.

Check out our FebYOUary stars here.


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