After his black & white GRAMMY performance on Sunday night, Justin Timberlake wants to keep the world engaged — and so he drops another track from The 20/20 Experience, “Mirrors.” And brace yourself: it’s an 8 minute blow out of a song.

The track is clearly a Timbaland joint, employing his definitive style and beats under Timberlake’s redemptive love song lyrics. Speculation is undoubtedly to come that the song’s lyrics were inspired by one of Timberlake’s break-ups with now wife Jessica Biel.

The first half of the song tells the story of a man desperate not to lose the love he’s thrown away, after discovering she is his other half — figuratively is his mirror.

After the 4 minute mark, “Mirrors” segues into an entirely different song. It retains vocal and lyrical threads to the first, but sonically Timbaland takes it into entirely different and much sexier slow jam territory. The final chant of, “You are the love of my life,” with it’s vocal echoes and incredibly romantic message make it an instant Valentine classic.

-Courtney E. Smith,


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