Dear Pittsburgh I love you… be my Valentine?

Dear city of yinzers, city of black and gold…

I love you despite your roads that are old.

You tear up my car and rain on my hair…
but the Primanti’s sandwich without those fries would have been pretty bare.

Pittsburgh I love you even when you’re -2.
You get me drunk and make me forget my lips have turned blue.

You love me even though I leave the North Shore a mess . . . but will you love me after I pick off a hair from Brett Kiesel’s chest? Or beard.

Sometimes I think I must be in a dream. . .then I wake up to a losing Steeler team.

How could you have let me down ? Excuse me… daaaaaaaahn
Yet I ride the incline that gets me up the mount safe and sound.

That Pirates zoltan season coming to an end was sad
but I still love them despite that upsetting fad.

Your bars are as plentiful as the fishies in the sea . . . but I could do without your Southside brawls and HIV.

Up the steps into the casino I lost all my money
Remember passing out on the fountain? HA that was kinda funny.

Black and yellow is the color of my heart ….
The Andy Warhol Museum… now that’s a work of art!
(You thought I was going to fart!)

Pittsburgh your bridges make me dizzy but you call it POP and I like it fizzy.

We kick your ass on the ice and the grass
I love you for it if you can once again handle that task?!

On top of the Mount to the Chrysler’s peak I love you cause your pierogies make me weak…

Your Heinz ketchup flows from the three rivers that meet at the point
I sincerely love you now Wiz let’s smoke that..



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