This Sunday is The Oscars!  Bubba Show is excited to host the red carpet for the Pittsburgh Film Office again starting at 5:30pm at Heinz Field.

This years host is Seth MacFarlane.  I’m a fan, so I’m anxious to see his humor again this year.

Here is a picture of us hosting last year.

last year

But, if you will be watching at home…who is your favorites?

Here is the list of ALL nominees here.

Here is some amazing Oscar stories from last year.  Check them all out here.

Of course, I have NOT seen all the nominated movies.  I don’t think any year I have.  I did see some of the kid nominated animated movies and I absolutely adored Argo and Silver Linings Playbook. 

So, I’m all in this year for SLP.  I want to see Jennifer Lawrence, Robert DeNiro and Bradley Cooper win it all.  Will they?  All your Silver Linings Playbook info is here.

A very emotional DeNiro and director David O. Russell appeared on the Katie Couric show talking about the movie.  See the video here.

I think I have a big soft spot for any movie/book that deals with the world of mental illness.  David O. Russell’s son has been diagnosed with mental illness, so this movie was close to his heart.  All the actors have a special place in their hearts for the movie due to the directors close personal experience to it.

SLP had me laughing.  It had me crying.  It gave me many different emotions and when I see a movie that is what I want it to do.

Argo is so well done also.  I’ve been a Ben Affleck fan since his Kevin Smith movie days.  Although, The Oscars snubbed him for a best director nom, people are saying Argo will win for BEST movie this year.  We shall see.

Here is a list of this years presenters so far.  Check it out here.

Here is a list of top notch Oscar week parties.  Where do the stars party the week of?  Check it here.

Check back here on Monday and on our FB page and twitter page for updated pictures on Sunday night when we cover the red carpet here in Pittsburgh.


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