Oh yea.  It has been awhile…a long time since we’ve shared some great Throwback Thursday pictures. 

When I think Throwback Thursday..I think  Bubba and Shelley.  You know the two of them have worked together for years in radio in Pittsburgh.  So, I got a hold of two pictures of them!


Let’s do Bubba first.  I want to save the BEST for last.  Which is Shelley.

Bubba’s throwback pics always involve wrestling.  Why?  No clue.  I am so turned on by the arm pit hair.

bubba elbow

And now…the BEST for last.  Shelley Duffy.  She claims this was at her Mom and Dad’s house and she was newly engaged.  Look at that big smile on her face.

Nice feathered hair.  Nicer red dutch shoe in the background! 

She is cleaning her hands off too.  No surprise.  She is still a germaphobe.

shelley throwback

Here is listener Antonio with Shelley from BACK in the day.  He just sent us this picture!

shelley and antonio

If you have any throwback pictures..send them my way and I will upload them here.  Send them to me…  melanie@starpittsburgh.com


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