E-List: The Rules of Instagram… Top Do’s and Don’ts

Ever pull up your instagram and you see the SAME pictures of somebody’s baby or the selfie of the same chick for the 3,000th time? It drives me nuts too! Have no fear we have the top Do’s and Don’t of Instagram here: (There are real rules you’re supposed to read but Madonna didn’t either apparently.) Remember ” this is supposed to be a “safe and fun place for everyone.”

7. Don’t post nudies! No nudity or mature content applies. Even to you Madonna. Do post minor cleavage.

6. Don’t take a picture of EVERY SINGLE meal you eat. Do post a picture of a healthy meal once in awhile so atleast people think you thought about eating something good for you.

5. Don’t post a picture of your offspring EVERY DAY. Do post one once in awhile so we know they’re still breathing.

4. Don’t post pictures NO ONE WANTS TO SEE! That includes #7 nudies but seriously you on the toilet *lip smack* or your gross boo boo.. ewww BOO BOO no. Do post a picture of someone doing something EVERYONE wants to see. That beauty sign above the cases of beer… that’s kind of cool.

3. Don’t post a million and a half pictures right at once… or more than two. You want to get likes right? No spam. Do post pictures really would like and think are cool ( just not twenty of the same picture in twenty different filters).

2. Don’t post pictures other people took. That’s not fair! Or legal…

1. Don’t post selfies everyday! You still look the same. Really. Unless you did something different to your hair or got drunk and didn’t care. Do post a selfie from time to time to remind your ex how how you are and they’re clearly missing out. Just to reiterate how important selfie picture taking is let me refer you to the list of 5 Rules for taking #selfies on Instagram. Not saying I agree with all of those rules but it does define a #selfie pretty well.

I could think of some more but these are the vitals. Did I leave any super important rules out? Let me know! Tweet me @elistab or email me elista@starpittsburgh.com

Go ahead and follow me on Instagram @Elistab while you’re at it too 😉

What annoys you about Instagram?


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