Since when are women not cleaning? I have lived with some OCD clean freaks and I tend to be that way at times too, but is that really why we’re getting chubby? According to this study that is EXACTLY why we are packing the pounds!

It also says that the average woman today does about half as much housework as women did in the 1960’s, causing us to burn up to 360 fewer calories a day! INSANE!

As I sit here stuffing my face with pizza, I am kind of believing it. Who has time to clean the windows when you have mouths to feed? Like YOURS! I think it is because we are waaaay to busy to have as much time to clean and exercise as we would like, but that is not an excuse. Who wouldn’t want one of those itty bitty teeny tummies from the 60’s?

What do you think? Are women chubbier because they don’t do as much housework as they used to?


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