E-List: The Top Things People Steal

I am in no way shape or form promoting stealing because it is WRONG! However we live in a world of criminals and thieves where stealing happens everyday! There might have been a time where you did not know right from wrong or were drunk and did not realize what you were doing, or even a time where you knew what you were doing but you’re just an idiot. These are the top things people like to take…

#9.) Truck tailgates.

#8.) Cloth napkins.

#7.) Maple syrup.

#6.) Paving stones. Usually people steal these from construction sites . . . but sometimes they steal the stones right out of people’s driveways.

#5.) Hay.

#4.) Gold teeth. This mostly happens with employees stealing gold teeth from corpses at funeral homes.

#3.) Human hair.

#2.) Chicken wings. The cost of chicken is going up, and bags of wings are popular to grab.

#1.) Tide detergent. Detergent is so expensive that it’s worth it to steal . . . then sell it.

(NBC 4 – Albuquerque)

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