We are all guilty of ATLEAST one of these because I went through and stoked all of your profile pictures. Besides the “I’m cool I met a celebrity” or the artsy fartsy “I know how to use photoshop” pictures, this is what yours is saying about YOU!

#7 An old picture of you… I’m talking high school, college, skinny and fun party pictures! You did make this your default because the new you isn’t looking too hot.

#6. The random scenery… it says look at where I’ve been not what I actually look like

#5. The intentional Ugly Face … typically beautiful people do this to show how pretty they are but I don’t think it’s working. It funny when funny people do it.

#4. The no-show … you show a picture of your cat or dog… this screams I live with my parents or you have no idea how to use social media yet.

#3 The hot friend… this is a distraction and not fair. You are not hot by association.

#2 The ¾ turn … this shows your good side but let’s FACE it your relationship status should be with yourself

#1 The extreme close-up… just one eye or their lips… this says everything else has gone downhill…

Admit it! We all have one of these set up on Facebook or Twitter. So tweet me and let me know…Which pic is you?! @Elistab

For more in depth meaning check out Cracked.com!


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