Let’s Talk… Funny VS. Good Looking Guys

After talking about the abs it got me thinking whether or not I was attracted to good looking guys. I think they are attractive but no one else ever really seems to. I can honestly say I am 100% attracted to the person based on their personality… which better be FUNNY!

Which one are you more attracted to? Funny or good looking?

According to this study, women really ARE attracted to men with a sense-of-humor. WAIT WHAT? Yes, because they think GOOD-LOOKING men are funny.

Looks like women rated handsome guys funnier than ugly guys possibly because it’s a woman’s instinct to find handsome men’s personalities attractive, so they’ll be more receptive to what good-looking guys are saying.

If I’m distracted by their good looks then all of the sudden they are the funniest person in the world!

Which are you more into? Funny or good looking? Tweet me! @Elistab


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