Bubba Show: Cheating Husband Investigation Day 1

A Bubba Show listener, we’ll call her ‘Wife’, thinks her husband may be cheating on her. We’ll call him ‘Husband’.

Husband has a job that doesn’t require him to be in an office all the time and he often goes to various places meet with clients.

Wife explained to the show that she found two hotel receipts among her husband’s belongings. She has also told the show that there’s been no abnormal behavior from her husband recently.

Bubba Show decided to help her find out the truth and hired a private investigator for her. His name is John.

Both called into the show for an update after the first day of investigating. John said they followed Husband to a hotel where he remained for nearly an hour before leaving and going home.

Once John was finished giving his report, Wife let out a quiet sigh and said she had a million questions. She asked the investigator who he was with at the hotel and why was he there. John could only offer that he didn’t see ‘Husband’ enter or leave with anyone and that he did not know the reason for the hotel visit.

Bubba asked Wife if the evening at home was normal and she said it was. She went on to say that her husband even asked her if she was ok.

That’s when Shelley chimed in with “that’s a warning sign.”

So what happens now? Well, there’s not much info at this point. Wife as agreed to let John continue his investigation.

Click here to get the results of day 2 of the investigation.

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