E-LIST: The top things that make us curse while driving

Women curse MORE than men do while driving. I got to admit I do become quite the dirty sailor. Things I would NEVER say to a human being come out of my mouth while under the stress of bad drivers.

So much for trying to give up cursing for Lent…. I DRIVE WAAAAY too much for that…. These are the top things that make us curse while driving:

#7 – When people speed ridiculously. You are not in the Indy 500. There is no reason to speed up, you know people need to get let in and out around you.

#6. … When people tailgate. There are plenty of lanes. Go AROUND or I will break check yoself before you wreck yoself!

#5. – … Someone driving SLOW in the fast lane… Give them a chance to get over. Still not over there yet? GO AROUND!

#4. – People who talk on their cell phone while driving… O NO YOU DIDN’T!

#3 – People who don’t use their blinkers! Now they are getting another type of hand signal in return.

#2 –Getting cut off by another… HEY I’M DRIVING HERE!

#1 – THE GPS. Me and Siri got in an all out screaming war. I tried to change my name in there… she was too smart, but not smart enough to get me to where I actually needed to go.


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