Mumford & Sons Make ‘Whispers in the Dark’ A Four-Way

Mumford & Sons literally have fans seeing quadruple in their new video for “Whispers in the Dark.” Director Jim Canty splits the screen four ways to show the pseudo-behind-the-scenes journey that each band member takes to make it to a concert on time – a feat which requires motorcycles, disguises and plenty of running.

The third single from the group’s GRAMMY-winning album Babel has front man Marcus Mumford crooning, “Learn your lesson, lead me home/Spare my sins for the ark/I was slow to depart,” which is a testament to the unconventional routes each band members take to make it to the stage.

Guitarist Winston Marshall humors fans by poking fun at himself while he makes a couple of pit stops on the way to the show. His fictional glam squad, a cameo turn from the group’s tour openers HAIM, toss his basic duds to outfit him in the latest pre-ripped ensemble and a fake beard to complete the Depression-era look the band is often noted for.

Ted Dwayne works to maintain the band’s cool-guy image, hitching a ride aboard a navel vessel – but not without his vintage camera to capture a few snapshots on the way. He eventually abandons the slow-moving ship and steals a tram to shuttle himself by land to the show.

Similarly, Ben Lovett ditches his car in bumper-to-bumper traffic to race the rest of the way on foot, after oversleeping in it the night before.

Meanwhile, front man Marcus Mumford remains calm in his corner of the screen, cruising around on his motorcycle and casually joining a biker gang for a few miles before making it to the venue, seemingly with no problems.

Mumford & Sons are currently on tour overseas. Music festival season will bring them back stateside for dates at Sasquatch! Festival in Washington on May 26, Bonnaroo in Tennessee on June 15 and the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in Colorado on June 20.


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