Directioners rejoice – One Direction are coming soon to a city near you. Well, replicas of Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis will be taking a world tour at Madame Tussauds locations in London, New York and Sydney.

Artists from the famed wax museum have measured, poked and prodded the band to gather their precise measurements for the wax figures.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles getting measured for his Madame Tussauds figure

In an interview, Liam Payne told Madame Tussauds how surprised the group were when they found out they would be immortalized in wax, saying, “Wow we’re actually going to get one of these made, and they’re so amazing as well. I mean the quality of work that goes on over there is mad.”

Madame Tussauds is known for their wax replicas of famous icons from around the world, with band favorites being the Beatles, Ghandi, Rihanna and Bob Marley.

“This is insane,” added Zayne Malik. “All the biggest stars around the world get these wax works made of them and why are we, five normal lads, just like jokers, getting these wax works made of us? It’s an amazing honor. It’s really cool, and we can’t wait to see them.”

Fans may beg to disagree that One D is simply “five normal lads,” however the excitement in anticipation of the figures’ unveiling may be satisfied soon, with tickets to the New York exhibition (July 19 through Oct. 11) already on sale.

The one question on all the boys’ minds is how fans will react when they can get up close and personal with their doppelgangers…and maybe even steal a kiss.

“They’re quite fun to look at but I don’t know about kissing them,” said Naill.

Louis expressed concern for fans’ hygiene, while Liam said, “That’s quite mad and one day I might just trade places with him.”

So who should Madame Tussauds turn to wax next? Louis suggests pal Ed Sheeran “in his little orange hoodie with his orange hair.”

The exhibition begins in London from April 18 to July 11 and continues in New York from July 19 to October. The tour wraps up in Sydney from October 24 to January 28.



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