By Bubba

Wife called into Bubba Show for an update on the second day of the investigation into whether or not her husband is cheating on her. As you recall, Wife found some hotel receipts among her husbands things and doesn’t really know what to think about it.

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When asked how’s she handling things so far, she said “I don’t know if I’m dealing with it well. I wanna scream all the time but I can’t because I really don’t know anything yet.” She said she’s doing her best to act like it’s business as usual.

Then the conversation turned to the latest info from John. One question that seemed to pop up from listeners…was the hotel that Husband visited the same hotel of the receipts that Wife found previously. The answer from John was “Yes.”

John then went on to give the full update on day 2 Husband surveillance. John said he watched for him at his place of work where Wife said he should be. He wasn’t there. John checked the hotel from the day before. He wasn’t there. John checked the couples home and Husband arrived there in the afternoon, alone. John siad he stayed there until Wife got home and then ended the investigation for the day.

So where was Husband on Day 2? Nobody seems to know at this point, but the investigation will continue.

Keep listening to Bubba Show to find out what happens next.


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