Look out Pope Francis these celebs could use your job or might already think they are God…

Justin Timberlake did a great job hosting SNL but I’ll put him in a category with Beyonce and Adele… they are already gods/goddesses.

#7. Adam Levine is one of God’s Greatest gifts to earth.

#6. Ed Sheeran could have been a good pope because he’s a sweetheart and would have taken redheads to a new level. Referred to as the “Ginger Jesus” he’d be out to prove they do have souls.

#5. Lindsay Lohan could have been the leading lady for Catholic women … minus the fact that she is what every Catholic women tries not to be… she does everything you shouldn’t … the perfect bad example.

#4. Justin Bieber could have been a good pope… there would have been a lot more tweets and he would have a Biebermobile that could protect him from the evil demon also known as “the paparazzi”.

#3. Taylor Swift would be a very honorable pope because she would have written songs about the ex-pope’s.

#2. Oprah just because if you put a P in front of it she’d be ‘Poprah’.

#1. Kanye West so he could elevate the skirt to a full out dress… and he already thinks he’s a walking Jesus.

Who do you think would be a great pope? Tweet me! @Elistab


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