Melanie’s Flat Stanley Gets His Taxes Done

Life is busy ya know?  I forget I have my Flat Stanley with me most days in my purse.  He likes to travel there because he naps alot.  Remember napping?  Those were the days.

Thanks to teacher Julie Lewis at Carnegie Elementary School and for her great student Shavonne  for sending me the Flat Stanley! 

I can hardly remember where I’m going and what is next most days!  HA!   Moms you know this feeling.  Kids.  Work.  Activities.  Life.  Homework.  Housework.

So, my poor Stanley feels left out.  So, I was at H&R Block getting my taxes done and he tugged at my pant leg and said “Melanie, I need my taxes done forgot.”  So, I took him out and he was able to file his taxes for 2012 too.  I’m glad he reminded me.  It would have been bad for him if he didn’t get those done.  I would have felt awful.

My tax accountant Shelia at H&R Block posed here with Stanley.  He is so short that she had to help him up on the counter at her Brentwood office.

sheila flat stanley

Here are some of my other Flat Stanley pictures and adventures.  Check them here.

If you have any places you think I should take Flat Stanley you can email me ideas at   It probably can’t be anywhere exotic like Hawaii.  HA!

Flat Stanley can come to the parade on Saturday for St. Patrick’s day.  It is going to rain, so I’ll have to get him a little umbrella somewhere.  He has such great hair, I don’t want it to get all messy.

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