E-List: The Top LIES Women Tell On Facebook

How real are you being on Facebook? You might be sharing waaaay too much about yourself than anyone ever wanted to know but one-third of you are somewhat distorting the truth on there.


#7. Pictures. I get it you ABSOLUTELY NEED to make sure you have a hot Facebook profile picture but just admit you have a solid Instagram filter on that pic. That’s the beauty of it!

#6. that you really LIKE their stuff. You might LIKE it aka give it the old thumbs up but really do you like that picture of their baby for the billionth time? They look the same.

#5. YOUR RELATIONSHIP STATUS… this is why you just don’t have one. No need to label your love life.

#4. YOUR JOB… don’t lie you ain’t doin sh–. Go back to bed.

#3. What you did or are doing on vacation. If and when I ever do go on one of those I will be sure to post every picture of every drink I get just in case you didn’t realize I’m on vaca.

Speaking of booze…

#2. How much alcohol you drink! You do not NEED to post a picture of every drink, just make sure you are keeping count.

#1. Saying you’re doing something when actually you’re home alone… sitting there petting your cat. Do us a favor and have some actual human interaction.

What are YOU lying about on Facebook? Tweet me @Elistab


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