LIL WAYNE HAS CHECKED OUT! The dude is good to go out of the hospital according to Birdman!

So what happened over the weekend with Lil Wayne? Is he alive?

Oh yes he is! According to the source that said he was in critical in the first place is now saying he is OUT OF CRITICAL…now bumped up to “stable condition”. PHEWWW! That was a close one.


Lil Wayne has not been laying off the sizzurp. According to TMZ he is in critical condition after having several seizures. This is NOT GOOD. At” 5:16 PM PT Lil Wayne is being given his last rites … with his family surrounding him to say their goodbyes.”

Stay tuned to 100.7 for more details!

UPDATE: We are waiting on an official statement…

According to Birdman:

From Mack Maine:

What’s going on with his life?


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