Were you a little distracted today? Possibly still in a green blurry state of mind? *cough cough* hungover? Or maybe you’re distracted just because it’s Monday and you don’t feel like working. You still feel like it’s the weekend… I feel you… 62% of us waste an hour at work each day. I will probably waste five hours of yours tonight 😉

These are our biggest work distractions:

#7. 7% say juicy gossip… You gotta be in the know or you’re probably the one being gossiped about. Just saying.

#6. 11% say you’re daydreaming. You’re a daydream believer … so when YOU’RE in the room BE in the room!

#5. 15% say office DRAMA! It wouldn’t be an office without it!

#4. 17% say personal calls/emails… my friends don’t think I go to work or sleep so they call me at all hours… which only ever happen to be when I am working & sleeping.

#3. 18% say loud co-workers… I work with people who talk for a living… EVERYONE IS LOUD!

#2. 22% are going internet… YEP! All day everyday. You click on one of your friend’s pictures and you end up on their half sister’s ex best friend’s cousin’s page who married your second cousin’s ex boy-friend. So now you’re looking at their wedding pictures wishing you were at the beach.

#1. 34% say talking to co-workers about non work-related stuff… I should start collecting nickels for the advice I give.

My biggest distraction is food. It’s all I think about at work. When do I get to EAT?

What is your biggest distraction at work? Tweet me! @Elistab


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