By Melanie Taylor

So his CD drops Tuesday, March 19 after a 7 year wait and most critics are saying it is SO worth the wait.  The 20/20 Experience has soulful R&B tracks with most lasting over 6 minutes long.  That is some sweet music.  Are you ready for it?   Maybe you already have downloaded it and you’ve been enjoying it. 

But, WAIT.. I come in today to see this story here!

Could Justin really star as Daddy Warbucks in the remake of Annie?  His reps are denying it, but Jay Z and Will Smith are remaking the movie and there are those rumors that JT could be Daddy W! 

Justin can act.  He has also been working with The Coen brothers and Ben Affleck in upcoming roles.

Do you think JT would make a good Daddy W?

All your Justin scoop about his new CD and any past videos or stories you’d like to look at is right here.

Go out and buy that CD today and then think of him bald as Daddy W.  Love me some old school Annie.  Anxious to see a remake if it happens.


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