It started out a college thing…then spread to high schools and somehow managed to make it’s way down to the elementary level. We all have those kid friends on Facebook that share EVERYTHING and spam up your feed.

These are the reasons why KIDS should not be allowed on Facebook:

#7. They think they are muuuuch cooler than they really are… your gang symbols will get you beat up.

#6. They are greedy and ungrateful … then express that on Facebook… they express WAAAAAY too much.

#5. They can’t spell! Even when they attempt to spell correctly… just stop using the internet because it is killing your vocab.

#4. They share everything and anything that will blow up your feed. I don’t want to see a picture of your nostril.

#3. They are disgusting. Showing way too much skin and make rude comments ie: “Make a video of u naked.”

#2. Those rude comments cost them because they sometimes forget their parents are friends with them or can log into their accounts and see the stupid stuff they say.

#1. The stuff they say…like “I had a birthday party last night and went to bed at 1AM wooo!” or it just makes no sense.

Is your kid on Facebook or do you know a kid like this? Share their ridiculous stuff with me @Elistab !


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