E-List: The MOST Annoying People

It’s one thing to annoy someone but those noisy, loud, overbearing, late line cutting peeps drive us craaaazy! These are the MOST Annoying People:

#7. Noisy neighbors… They stay up till the crack of dawn and you think they are on crack!

I didn’t think I had those until today when I realized they could see through my window. Ooow oooow!

#6. People who are neeever on time. It’s cool we like to be fashionably late.
But make us late to the bar and you’re in trouble.

Growing up I think we made it to church on time maybe once. I don’t want to believe that if you’re late for church then God might be late letting you in. Really banking on forgiveness here.

#5. Are on Facebook. Between the bathroom/baby pix, people need a life and gotta stop fishing for compliments!

Why do we even allow them to have an account? Stop doing these things on Facebook and quit lying to everybody! While you’re at it you might want to change your FPP (profile picture).

#4. People who love arguing when they know they’re wrong… you’re just proving you’re guilty of being that much more of an idiot.

Don’t argue with me on this. That goes goes for all women because we’re right.

#3. Line Cutter’s… you stand between me and my Frosty it’s about to go down.

Hey HE CUT! Remember those days?

#2. Chatty Cathy’s… They won’t shut up. like ever. There is no such thing as silence around them. You get to a point where you block them out of your mind. You learn to ignore whatever comes out of their mouth.

I love to talk but I’m going to stop now.

#1. “Text happy” people… They blow up your phone errday. They need to chill out.

Go ahead and keep me updated on your life on your Facebook because then I can hide you. Don’t make me block you.

It’s sooooooo annoying. I can’t. Don’t be annoying. You really don’t want to be THAT person. Who annoys you? Tweet me @Elistab !


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