E-List: Things Boys Do That Girls Shouldn’t Love

We shouldn’t love when guys treat us like #2 but who doesn’t like a little bit of a bad boy? I think it’s in our system.

These are the things boys do that girls SHOULDN’T love! You need to see it comes to life here in pictures!

#7. Make the first move… that is just asking for trouble. Let’s face it though girls are you going to do it?

#6. When boys smile at you mysteriously… you never know what they’re up to…or who they’re thinking about, or better yet who they’re looking at!

#5. When they cook! You think this is great until you get hot dogs every night! Keep the who introduces you to his parents before he makes you breakfast in bed.

#4. When boys can play an instrument/sing… sure it’s great to get serenaded unless the next song is ‘SHUT UP WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU!

#3. When boys notice you… that’s code for checking you ouuuuut. Pull your shirt up!

#2. When they buy you flowers…we like this until THEY DIE WITH OUR LOVE!

#1. When they know what you want… cause then you’re going to want something else. Make up your mind already!

What do you LOVE that guys do but you KNOW you shouldn’t? Tweet me! @Elistab


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