The Jonas Brothers are all grown up and they’re really interested in the ladies. But this time around, they’re not talking about puppy love and school crushes – they’re getting down to business.

On “Pom Poms,” the first single from the band’s upcoming fifth album, Kevin, Joe and not-so little Nick are getting a bit cheeky, singing, “Love it when your hands are free/Put your pom poms down for me.”

The video for the horn-laden soul single features a gospel choir, a dancing brass section, some nice church folk and the line, “Want you like a kid wants a milkshake.” Way to one-up 50 Cent’s stellar sentiment of adoration, “I love you like a fat kid loves cake.”

“And I won’t let it go to waste, “ Joe suggestively sings. “If I get a taste, I’m gonna drink the whole thing.”

In the clip, the Bros are also surrounded by a lot of short-short-clad co-eds who are droppin’ it like it’s hot. In a perfect Betty Boop squeak, the girls plead with the brothers, “If you want me to put my pom poms down, then sing it to be me baby, sing it right now.”

A clean-cut, Ray Ban-wearing Nick does just that and gets a chance to show off the dance moves he perfected on Broadway while the guys took a break after the last Jo Bros. album, 2009’s Lines, Vines and Trying Times.

Check out the band’s new video on


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