It’s been more than a decade since 98 Degrees released their last album, but the cover of the boy band’s upcoming record, 2.0, proves they’ve definitely grown up.

The guys—Jeff Timmons, Justin Jeffre, Nick and Drew Lachey—look dapper in darks suits and perfectly styled hair. For this one, they got away from the flames that appear on the 1998 album 98 Degrees and Rising  and the matching tight black tee shirts from 2000’s Revelation. Instead the well-dressed guys are just standing in front of a sleek, crisp gray background.

o 98 degrees reunion tour 570 98 Degrees Clean Up Nice For ‘2.0’ Album Cover

The music on the album, due out May 7, also focuses on the guy’s adulthood or should we maybe say manhood? Their new single “Microphone” recently made news for it’s sexually suggestive nature.

“Hey lady, grab the microphone and say ‘do-re-mi-fa-so-oh-oh-oh,’” they sing. “Yeah, baby, you’re wound up and ready to blow like ‘do-re-mi-fa-so-oh-oh-oh.'”

We’ll let you be the judge of what they’re really talking about on the song, out now via iTunes.

98 Degrees are now gearing up for The Package Tour, featuring New Kids On The Block and Boyz II Men, kicking off May 31 in Connecticut.


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