Trying to break-up with someone? You miiiight just want to avoid these lines!

The WORST Break-Up Lines:

#7.) “I can’t do this anymore.” Can’t do what? Tie your own shoes? Good. We’re through!

#6.) “I can’t see you anymore, because I think your sister is hotter.” …that’s evil! Sorry sissy if this has ever happened to you. ;p

#5.) “I need my own space.” Okay you live in Mars I’ll live in Moon. Problem solved!

#4.) “I’m not attracted to you anymore.” It’s only 5 lbs!

#3.) “This was incredible . . . but I’m not ready for a relationship yet.” Then WHY are you IN ONE?!!!!

#2.) “I’m moving . . . so we should break up.” So I can’t move with you? Like I don’t know how to call a Uhaul?

and the ULTIMATE…

#1.) “It’s not you . . . It’s me.”

Clearly it’s you or else they’d wanna be with you.

What’s the worst line someone said when breaking up with you?

Let me know! @Elistab


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