E-List: What That Facebook Status REALLY Means

How many times have you read someone’s status on Facebook and thought hmm…is that about me? Well it just might be!

The true meaning behind Facebook status updates….

#7. ”OMG I LOVE MY NEW IPAD!!”…means…In yo face!

#6. “I ate ___. I did ___. You won’t believe what happened to ME ME ME! You get the gist….implies, “Hi I’m ____ and I’m obsessed with myself :D”

#5. Philosophical statuses…Well actually…no one cares. Screams “I like to sound more mature than I am!”

#4. Statuses with relationship drama…LOVE ME! “BF, Quick, give me attention!”

#3. “I can’t stand Politics!” More like you don’t KNOW anything about Politics – go watch the news girl!

#2. When you update your status informing the world you were at a restaurant/hotel/club… “Help, I’m bored to death but my status matters more”…We get it your cool. Now Instagram your $30 dessert while you’re at it!

#1. When a “size 4” updates their status “UHHH I really would like to lose 5 lbs.” really means…“Compliment me. NOW. or go green with envy!” We all know you went to the gym today too while you’re sitting their updating it.

If you’re wondering what “TBH” means… that’s “to be honest” ENOUGH WITH THESE status’!

What’s Facebook status can’t you stand? Tweet me @Elistab

FYI: Be aware the internet might be making you meaner! 78% of People Think Everyone’s Getting Ruder on Facebook . . . and 19% Have Ended a Real-Life Friendship Over Something Online


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