When the New Kids On The Block visited Fresh 102.7 in NYC, they revealed the strangest place they’ve ever been asked to perform. Turns out the guys have something in common with Johnny Cash.

“Prison,” said Donny Wahlberg confidently.

“Mens,” he clarified.

“We turned it out, too… we rocked it out,” Joey McIntyre said.

The band visited the prison during the peak of their boy band popularity in the late ’80s/early ’90s.

“Back in the day when we first got together… you kind of take whatever you can get,” McIntyre explained. “But we honestly always had a good spirit about it, and the prisons were… there were two!”

“Three shows in two prisons,” Donny joined in.

“We smuggled cigarettes in on one of them and threw them out into the crowd,” continued McIntyre. “That’s how we won that crowd over. Nowadays we would have never been able to do that.”

New Kids On The Block are currently promoting their new album, 10which they hope will satisfy their loyal fans.

“It has the spirit of a concept album,” Wahlberg said. “We just went with the flow with the album. It’s one of the most free album’s we’ve ever made. We went by what songs felt right for us only.”

Watch the video for their latest single “Remix (I Like The)” below.

Head over here to watch the full interview with NKOTB.

-Joe Cingrana/Fresh 102.7



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