Maybe they’re not turned off to you because of your creepiness or weird tendencies, maybe you’re just annoying! or boring…

E-LIST: The signs you’re being boring

#7. One word answers. Yes. No. What? Cool. the worst.. Lol.

#6. Constant interruption… “I was all set to..” “WOAH LOOK AT THAT”

#5. They’re not looking at you ( unless they’re busy)

#4. You get an answer even before you’ve finished talking

#3. Sneaky texting… clearly they’re not paying attention to what you’re saying and someone else via a mobile device is more entertaining than you.

#2. They change the topic of conversation almost immediately. Whatever you have to say clearly isn’t keeping their attention.

#1. They come up with some CRAPPY EXCUSE about being somewhere else… “OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THAT DOCTORS APPOINTMENT” CYA! Off to the bar they go…without you. Spice it up.


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