What do men really think about before the first time they have sex with a woman they care about? Jason Derulo’s new single, “The Other Side,” is here to answer exactly that question. Very specifically.

The track was co-written by Derulo with Martin Johnson (frontman of Boys Like Girls, co-writer of Avril Lavigne’sHere’s To Never Growing Up” and Taylor Swift’s “If This Was A Movie”) and Joshua Coleman (Jordin Sparks “Watch You Go,” Ke$ha “We R Who We R”). With Derulo’s direct involvement and songwriter collaboration with a guy who worked on his girlfriend Jordin Sparks’ 2009 album Battlefield (and that lyric in the chorus where he says “Sparks fly like the Fourth of July” — a coded song lyric message if ever we’ve heard one), it’s hard not to think the song outlines the famous duo’s courtship. So, here are five things we learned about Derulo’s sex life from “The Other Side.”

1. “But we got closer/Soon you were eating off my spoon”

For Derulo, an intimate moment means sharing food. He’s not the only one — from the spaghetti sharing in Lady & The Tramp to those shared M&Ms and popcorn in The Wedding Planner, nothing says “I love you” like communal food. It’s no grosser than kissing, as far as sharing mouth germs goes!

2. “And then you’ll bite your lip/Whisper and say/We’re going all the way”

Derulo is kind of a sub and he likes it when Sparks tells him what to do.

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