E-List: The People YOU are Most Likely to YELL at

We can all lose our cool at times whether its on that person who won’t move infront of you in the checkout line or your Dad who forgot to take his meds… these are the people you most likely yell at!

…starting with…

#7. OTHER DRIVERS! Everyday!

#6. If you’re in Pittsburgh the TV when the Pens are playing!
Otherwise your children! If you don’t have any of those probably some noisy kids down the street

#5. Your Mom! (That’s what she said). JEEZ! Happy Mother’s Day… try not to this Sunday!

#4. Neighbors! Mine don’t yell at me they just leave signs on my car… I got one sign for you too…

#3. Co-workers… sorry Aashna I’m calling you out right now YOU’RE LATE! 😦

#2. Friends! You wouldn’t be friends if you didn’t tell it like it is…

#1. Your significant other. If you have one of those… if not well maybe that’s why, but yes it’s because we love you…


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  1. elistab says:

    Reblogged this on elistab and commented:
    About to yell at them Pens LET’S GO!

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