So Many Married Men, So Little Time

Earlier on the show, we were talking about women who have dated or are currently dating married men.

The response was really amazing and got me thinking, why as women are we so willing to be the other woman while still expecting men to be faithful to only us?

It seems like a real double standard – whether you are the other woman or are the woman who has a man who is not faithful. Do both of you a favor, and get out.

A relationship is one of the greatest things a person can ever be a part of—don’t ruin it with adding extra members.

Everyone deserves to be in a stable situation that they can be proud of – no one is proud to be sharing their man with another woman.

So ladies, go against all of your parenting skills that you have ever preached—when it comes to your man, DO NOT SHARE. You are plenty woman enough for him to get everything he needs in one place.

What do you think guys and gals? Love to hear your thoughts! Follow me @KelOnAir and let me know!

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