I was walking into the ladies locker room at the gym yesterday and of course I always have my phone on me because we can’t even chance that just for a second that guy is going to text you and heaven forbid you’re coffee decides to kick in. You know you don’t go anywhere without it.

While listening to the radio.com app (cause that’s the cool thing to do) I see this quick disco ball Lady Gaga paparazzi flash! Mind you there are about a dozen of women in there. Granted some might be blow drying their hair, picking wedgies, juicing, a lot goes down, however there were definitely naked girls changing.

*So awkward!* Soon after did I realize it came from my phone! I swear I did not pop nudie pix!

It was just a text! Kelly changed my phone settings for me because I thought that would be cool, never did I expect to freak out the card club, but so I have a flash every time I get a text.

Well no that was not cool!

It was extremely embarrassing because now I have a roomful of angry old ladies who thought I was snapping sagging naked pix and are about to do a slow running with the canes on me!

I didn’t know what I should do… Do I try to explain what it was? This is the middle of the day so average age at the gym during this pre-earlybird special time is probably 50. They don’t have a clue what a flash setting is besides the one on their life alerts but they haven’t found that yet because they are too busy adjusting to the party setting on their hearing aids.

Do I say “ Smile you’re on candid camera?” Yeah just gonna scratch that option off.

Let it go? What do you think?

What should I say to the ladies in this situation? Tweet me @Elistab

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    Still gotta get rid of the flash setting….

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